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Franchise for local production of beneficial insects for integrated pest management in greenhouses

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Macrolophus pigmeus
  • 7 containers – area 200 m2
  • Production per week – 15000 insects
  • Greenhouse supply area 20 ha of tomato
  • ROI 1 year

Macrolophus is used mainly to protect tomatoes, peppers, eggplant from such pests as tuta absoluta, thrips, cotton cutworm and whitefly. The cultivation technology is differenf from beneficial mites, so the configuration of biolaboratories will be different.


Franchise compound

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Produced by special technology with waterproof designs. Fully equipped with all necessary equipment. Do not require special permissions for installation.


of breeding lab

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Franchise IT system

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  • scheme Water leaks
  • scheme Smoke
  • scheme Loss of power
  • scheme Door opening sensor
  • scheme Room temperature
  • scheme Indoor humidity
  • scheme Heating cabinet control
  • scheme Boiler control
  • scheme Macrolofus has additional daylight management on the shelves
  • scheme CCTV Cameras
  • scheme Microscope camera in laboratory
  • scheme Smart sockets
  • scheme Water meters

A specialized IT system for monitoring the production of beneficial insects consists of sensors for monitoring climate parameters inside the laboratory, inside production tanks, surveillance cameras for working rooms, quality control cameras in special microscopes, sensors for monitoring the use of electricity and water.

In a separate unit it is possible to connect the personnel access control system to production facilities and time tracking.

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About bioprotection

Bioprotection is an international franchise of biolaboratories for the production of beneficial insects for plant protection.

The first production facility with an area of ​​4000 m2 was opened in Dnipro Ukraine in 2014 and paid off in 1 year, and in 3 years it became the regional market leader. We now produce 12 species of beneficial insects, enough to protect 2,000 hectares of modern greenhouses.

The experience of growing predatory beneficial mites using the patented hybridization technology is unique.

All processes in the our laboratory are strictly controlling and managing with using unique IT systems: Biocontroller, Biosales, Heroes Bioprotection.

Mow we have implemented the accumulated production experience into a franchise of local mini laboratories for the protection of greenhouses of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, roses with an area of ​​up to 100 hectares.


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